North Yarmouth Academy

Top Students - Class of 2010

Madeline Beasley
Daughter of Kimberly and Gary MacDonald of Portland. Honors/Awards: Cum Laude Society, AP Scholar - 2009, National Spanish Exam Silver (2007), Bronze (2008), Bronze (2009), High Honors - 4 years. Activities: Drama (4), Music - Vocal (4), Soccer (3), Photography (3), Make A Wish (4), Gay-Straight Alliance (4), Dance (4). Employed by Old Navy, both summer and weekend work, and Churchill Caterers in the summer.
Future Plans: Santa Clara University

Hannah Bewsey1 Daughter of Adam and Betsy Bewsey of Yarmouth. Honors/Awards: Cum Laude Society, Highest Honors - 4 years, AP Scholar - 2009, Payson-Bird Prize for Composition - 2009, Robert O. Linscott Prize for Leadership - 2008, National Spanish Exam Honorable Mention (2007), Silver (2008), Silver (2009). Activities: Outdoor Track (2), Indoor Track (2) Captain and 3-year MVP, KIVA Club (3), Varsity Volleyball (4) Captain, 3-year MVP, Maine Youth Orchestra - First Chair Violin, Junior Volunteer at Maine Medical Center (1). Summer employment at Carter's and OshKosh B'Gosh.
Future Plans: Claremont McKenna College

Julia Damion
Daughter of Julius and Charlene Damion of Falmouth. Honors/Awards: Cum Laude Society, Highest Honors - 2 years. National Latin Exam - Gold (2007 and 2009), Barrett Award for excellence and academics in Christian Service. Activities: Piano (4) Honorable Mention in Kotzschmar Memorial Trust Scholarship Competition (2007), Art - Illustrated Fort Rules by Richard Hollen, Published 2009, Drama (2) Community Service (4), Volunteer English Teaching Assistant in China, summer of 2009.
Future Plans: Williams College

Devon Gamble
Daughter of Lisa and Ian Gamble of Yarmouth. Honors/Awards: Cum Laude Society, High Honors - 4 years, National French Exam - 5th in State (2007) and 7th in State (2008), Poetry Out Loud - 1st Place at NYA, top 10 in State. Activities: Cross Country (3), Guitar (4), Art (4), Chorus (4), Outdoor Track (3), KIVA Club (4), Community Service (2). Summer employment as nanny. Attended Island School, Cape Eleuthera, The Bahamas in 2009 and Maine College of Art Summer Course in 2009.
Future Plans: Grinnell College

Hilary Gibson
Daughter of Kris Gibson of Freeport and George Gibson of Pueblo, Colorado. Honors/Awards: Cum Laude Society, High Honors - 4 years, AP Scholar - 2009, National Latin Exam - Gold, Summa Cum Laude (2007), Silver - Magna Cum Laude (2008), Magna Cum Laude (2009). Activities: Volleyball (4), Indoor Track (4), Outdoor Track (4), Community Service (4), Wind Ensemble - Flute (4), Treble Chorus (4), Shakuhatchi Ensemble (2).
Future Plans: Bates College

Turner Kelsey
Son of Paul and Lisa Kelsey of Cumblerland. Honors/Awards: Cum Laude Society, Highest Honors - 4 years, Robert O. Linscott Prize for Leadership (2008), John H. Mitchell Prize (2009), National Spanish Exam - Silver (2007), Gold (2008), Gold (2009). Activities: Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band and Jazz Combo - Trombone (4), Guitar (4), Bell Choir (4), Tennis (4), Cross Country (3), Judiciary Committee (2). Summer Camp Counselor at Maine Junior Robotics & Engineering Camp.
Future Plans: Bowdoin College

Rebecca McKelvy
Daughter of Alan and Kate McKelvy of Freeport. Honors/Awards: Cum Laude Society, Honors/High Honors - 4 years, Dr. Howard Rollin Ives Prize (2007), National Spanish Exam - Honorable Mention (2007), Bronze (2008), Honorable Mention (2009). Activities: Lacrosse (4), JV Captain, Cross Country (2), Drama (4), Treble and Chamber Choirs (4), Gay-Straight Alliance (3), Wind Ensemble - Clarinet (4), Jazz Band - Tenor Saxophone (2). Summer employment at Ralph Lauren.
Future Plans: Oberlin College

Emily Mitchell
Daughter of Anne and Stephen Mitchell of Yarmouth. Honors/Awards: Cum Laude Society, National Merit Semifinalist, AP Scholar 2009, High/Highest Honors - 4 years, National Spanish Exam - Gold (2008), Gold (2009), Rotary Youth Service Award. Activities: Children's Museum of Maine volunteer (2), Environmental Club (3), Make-a-Wish Committee (3), Volunteering (4), Tennis (4), Soccer (4). Summer community service work in Haines, Alaska. Summer employment as counselor at Fernwood Cove Camp and babysitting.
Future Plans: Bowdoin College

Samuel Nye
Son of Cynthia and John Nye of Old Orchard Beach. Honors/Awards: National Merit Semifinalist, Cum Laude Society, High/Highest Honors (4), Payson-Bird Prize for Composition (2008), John O. Hall Prize for Chemistry (2009), National Spanish Exam - Honorable Mention (2007), Gold (2009), 1st in State (2009). Activities: Ice Hockey (4), Soccer (4), Lacrosse (2), Tennis (2). Summer employment at Elmwood Motor Court.
Future Plans: Clark University

Ashley Salerno
Daughter of Roberta and Mike Salerno of Brunswick. Honors/Awards: Cum Laude Society, Highest Honors - 2 years, National French Exam - 9th in State (2009). Activities: Ice Hockey (4), Lacrosse (2), Coach of Middle School Girls Ice Hockey team (1), Field Hockey (1), Volunteering (4), Softball (1), Soccer (1).
Future Plans: Amherst College

Christopher Whiting
Son of James and Cecily Whiting of Falmouth. Honors/Awards:. Honors/Awards: Cum Laude Society, High Honors - 4 years, AP Scholar - 2009, National Spanish Exam - Honorable Mention (2008), Bronze (2009). Activities: Tennis (4), Golf (4), Community Service (4), Indoor Track (4), Chorus (2), KIVA Club (2). Summer Employment as painter and handyman.
Future Plans: Hamilton College


Ethan Riker Allred
Brandon Michael Barrett
Madeleine Sara Beasley
Hannah Elle Bewsey
Conrad Burley Birkett
Hayley Atwood Bright
Phillip David Champoux
Ling Wei Cheng
Rachel Ahrens Clegg
Charles Alexander Daigle
Julia Elena Damion
Dean John Darien
Courtney Autum Dumont
John Simonds Finegan
Devon Browning Gamble
John Wilson Boylan Garnett
Hilary Cornelia Gibson
Thomas Edward Gildersleeve
Douglas Dearden Goldstein
Lianna Cady Hachborn
Kalley Soule Hansel
Thu-Trang Thi Ho
Samuel Reid Hutchinson
Turner Davis Kelsey
Samuel Richard Maxwell Kurland
Christopher Marshall LeBlanc
Katherine Elizabeth Lentine
Andrew D. McClees
Abigail Marie McIvor
Rebecca Evans McKelvy
Hayley Skye McKinnon
Trey Rush Milam
Emily Catherine Mitchell
Benjamin Gannett Morse
Taylor Winston Norton
Samuel Copley Nye
Alexandra Rich O'Reilly
Katrina Caswell Paige
Kelsey Foshay Pietkiewicz
Jonathan Quin Powers
Christine Katherine Reighley
Jaime Justine Rogers
Ashley Elizabeth Salerno
Ian Goodwin Steinbach
Henry Winsor Sterling
Maeve FitzGerald Stier
William Walker Strabley
Patrick Carl Wappler
Alexander Hill Ward
Christopher James Whiting
Qiyang Zhou


Upper School Music Award - Phillip D. Champoux
RISD Book Award - Devon B. Gamble

Payson-Bird Prize - 12th Hannah E. Bewsey

Foreign Language
Classics Prize - Julia E. Damion
Donald A. Schulman Prize
French: Ashley E. Salerno
Spanish: Hannah E. Bewsey
Stanley Winship Hyde Prize - Madeleine S. Beasley

Frederick H. Dole Prize - Samuel C. Nye
Kenneth B. Coombs Prize
- Katrina C. Paige

Upper School Mathematics Award - Qiyang Zhou
Arthur B. Fels Prize - Samuel R.M. Kurland

John O. Hall Prize - Physics Qiyang Zhou
Upper School Science Award - Hannah E. Bewsey

Community Honors
Western Maine Conference Awards
Katrina C. Paige
Henry W. Sterling
Maine Principals' Association Award - Patrick C. Wappler
Yarmouth Lions Club Scholarship - Hanna E. Bewsey
MELMAC - Thu-Trang T. Ho
Upper School Theater Arts Award - Madeleine S. Beasley
Arthur C. Hansen Award - Phillip D. Champoux
Anne H. Johnson Prize - Qiyang Zhou
Roger L. Williams Award - Katrina C. Paige
George Bartol Merrill Prize - Patrick C. Wappler
Bob Hawkes Prize
Courtney A. Dumont
Henry W. Sterling
National Merit Scholarship Emily C. Mitchell
Headmaster's Award
Turner D. Kelsey
Abigail M. McIvor