Maine School of Science & Mathematics

The Graduating Class - In their own words

Shaylyn Adams Otis
I am proud to say I am graduating from the Maine School of Science and Mathematics. I believe that MSSM has helped me reach my full potential as a dedicated high school student, both academically and socially and has prepared me for future challenges. While attending MSSM, I participated in Math Team, was secretary for Prom Committee, captain of the Cross-country team, an active member of Key Club, and worked with the Yearbook. I know I will look back on my experiences at MSSM with fondness and appreciation. I will be attending Mount Holyoke College.

Bill Ashley Eastport
Clarkson University

James Bartlett Jay
When I try and think about what the most amazing experience I have had at the M.S.S.M. so many things come to mind. The friends I have made here and the influence that they have had upon me, especially my international friends, has changed my perspective of the world in so many positive ways. I know that it will help when I pursue a career in business and computer engineering after my education at UMaine, especially with pursuing my goal of international travel for business and research.

Katelyn Bennett Waterville
I will be attending UMA (dental hygiene program). While attending MSSM, I participated in 3 dental internships, traveled to Paris, and had multiple opportunities that would not have been available to me if I had stayed at my sending school. I was a Student Ambassador, on Prom Committee, and in the Cooking Club.

Alaina Borst Wells
I came to MSSM to broaden my academic horizons and have a better college preparatory experience. I have attended for 3 years and am involved in Key Club and co-direct A Cappella. As an RA, I support other students academically and residentially. I will be attending Boston University this fall.

Patrick Brown Lisbon Falls
As a senior at the Maine School of Science and Mathematics, I am privileged to look back on three years of wonderful and immensely useful experiences. I will be attending West Point, and I feel that my chosen high school has prepared me mentally, socially, and physically.

Eric Buchak LaGrange
MSSM was one of the best things that happened to me in my entire life. I received an amazing education and I also found friends that will stay friends for a long time into the future. This place was my home away from home for the last three years and it is definitely going to be different not coming back up here next year, but not so different that I would actually want to. I had a life changing time here at MSSM and it has prepared me for the future. Speaking of the future, I am going to UMO next year where I will be majoring in Anthropology and maybe History as well.

Timothy Buchak La Grange
While at MSSM, I was able to participate in the New England Science Bowl Competition, the Maine Association of Math Leagues Competition, and the American Regions Math League Competition. I was also provided with an opportunity to take high-level math courses such as Linear Algebra and Differential Equations. I have taken 5 AP courses, including Calculus BC and Physics C. MSSM has provided me with the opportunities in education that I always hoped for.

Suzi Burke Holden
I will be attending Northeastern University in Boston in the fall. After completing an internship with a neurosurgeon at Eastern Maine Medical Center last January, I decided to go into Pre-Med.

Caitlin Cornwall Topsham
I came to MSSM three years ago as a sopomore looking for academic challenges. At MSSM I have found these challenges, as well as a passsion for community service. This year I am the president of Key Club and an RA for my dorm. I am attending Colby College next year.

Una Huang Readfield
I will be graduating from MSSM at the age of 15. I spent my whole high school career at MSSM, compressing the credit requirement into 3 years. I am one of the founding members of the Civil Rights Club, and won 2nd place in the state "Letters about Literature" competition. I will be attending Case Western Reserve University.

Katie Jimenez Montville
At the Maine School of Science and Math, I have been highly active in the arts program. I am a big advocate for the theatre program. I'm a third year senior and my favorite MSSM experience is probably from first year when we all went outside in the rain and ran around in the mud. In an environment where we all work really hard and all the time, it's vital to have these moments.

Justin LaGassey Windham I hope to change the worldÉsomeday. In the mean time I will be attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute, majoring in chemical engineering. My academic interests include multivariable optimization and molecular biology. My favorite high school experience was synthesizing Maritus Yellow in the organic chemistry lab at the MSSM.

Christopher Lemay Sanford
I've received college credit for at least two courses and have been on the 2nd best Science Bowl Team in the state. I will be attending University of Maine at Orono.

Matthew Mercier Lincolnville
I have plans to use the knowledge I have gained to succeed at the Maine Maritime Academy.

Jennifer Miao China
Creighton University

Nason Michael Lisbon
After three years at the MSSM, I have been accepted to Moravian College. I was accepted to the Add-Venture Program, allowing me to focus on applying game theory to psychology. I plan to go straight for my doctorate in Psychology. I would like to attend Harvard for graduate study.

Emily Olsen Millinocket
I am headed to Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA with a dean's scholarship of 10k a year. I plan on majoring in biomedical engineering. I have particpated in many extra curricular activities and have played active roles in each. I am prom committee president, director of the student run a cappella group and I founded my own dance class, which was adopted into the physical recreation curriculum.

Adaeze Olugbemi Presque Isle
I would be such a different person if it weren't for this school. The friends I've made have made learning so great. I sing in freeblock A Cappella, was captain of the Tennis Team, and have planned the best Prom ever! MSSM has helped send me to Boston University, where I'll continue on my journey to become a doctor. Woohoo!

Samuel Putney Biddeford
My older brother graduated from MSSM in 2007. Based on his expriences at the school, I was anxious to apply, but I chose to stay in my hometown my sophomore year to finish the requirements for my Eagle Scout. Since coming to MSSM, I have served on the student senate, been a residential advisor, a member of Science Bowl team (which took 2nd in the Northern New England Competetion this year), and gathered countless memories. I have decided to attend Rensselaer Polytechic Institute in the fall and to study mechanical engineering.

Charles Pye Dresden
MSSM has exposed me to a plethora of experiences, all of which would constitute a biography if written here. The most significant memory I am left with is my leadership of the student driven workout team: the MSSM Navy Seals.
I will be attending UMO.

Eric Ramsay Fort Fairfield
I have attended the MSSM for two years and have participated in A Cappella, Key Club, and Student Ambassadors. I will be attending Bowdoin College in the fall. I wish the best to future MSSM students.

Rhomni St. John South Portland
I came to MSSM 3 years ago, eager to explore a curriculum focused on Math and Science. While here my favorite activity was Math Team. We had a lot of fun fooling around while solving problems, and the state meet was a blast. I plan on going to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute next year.

Inboem Song South Korea
Three years at MSSM went by quickly, and I did not even realize it. As an international student, MSSM was certainly different. I spent most of my time alone, and it allowed me to know more about myself. I will be serving in the Korean army and as a result of my experience in MSSM; I will be offered a decent place in the army. My time in MSSM was majorly related to science and mathematics, and Icontributed to achieve fantastic results in Science Bowl, Math Team, and hopefully in the upcoming windmill challenge. I will be attending University of Massachussetts at Amherst.

Katherine Spring Wells
MSSM has been a place where I have made some of my best friends and experienced classes and internships that inspired me. I look forward to an easy transition to college and the ability to use the relationships I have established at MSSM for support for many years to come. I will be attending Northeastern University.

Brea Stevenson Buckfield
Some of my favories MSSM experiences are: cookouts, the close community, and friends who LIKE learning and strive to be challenged, unlike my sending school. I am going to Russell Sage College in Troy, New York to major in Forensic Science.

Kiri Strack-Grose New Gloucester
As a third-year senior at the Maine School of Science and Mathematics, I have spent my time here devoted to the biomedical sciences and to theatre. I have taken six yearlong science courses and have particpated in two internships with Doctors of Osteopathy. Last semester, I directed Ghosts, by Henrik Ibsen; the only show to be produced this year. I plan to major in theatre at Reed College before attending an osteopathic medical school.

2010 Post Graduate

Cory Creen Brunswick
I was the founder and President of the Civil Rights Club, was an AP Scholar, earned a Trustee's Scholarship, the Stanley F. Barach Scholarship, and the Presidential Science Scholarship. I am going to Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA for a triple major: Math-German-Sociology. My most awesome experience at MSSM was burning popcorn in the kitchen my first year with Una Huang.