Windham High School

Top of the Class

Valedictorian - Patrick Martin
Parents - Debra and Michael Martin
Clubs/Activities: Windham Chamber Singers, Theater (musicals and One Acts), Student Council
Hobbies/Interests: Plants and biology, singing, piano, violin
Awards Received: Phi Beta Kappa Certificate of Recognition, St. Joseph's College Academic Book Award, Eco-Excellence Award; MPA Drama Festival Certificate of Achievement
College: Bowdoin College
Major: Biology

Salutatorian - Tyler Littlefield
Parents - Cheryl and Bob Littlefield
Clubs/Activities: National Honor Society, French National Honor Society, Science Olympiad, Key Club, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Football, Tennis
Hobbies/Interests: Any kind of sport, building things, anything to do with chemistry
Awards Received: SMAA Honorable Mention (soccer mid.), SMAA All Academic Team (football and soccer), Science Award of University of Rochester, Faculty Award Pre-Calculus and AP Chemistry. Varsity Soccer Coach's Award
College: Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Major: Chemical Engineeringy

First Honor Essayist - Brad Sherburne
Parents - Joyce and Michael Sherburne
Clubs/Activities: National Honor Society, French National Honor Society, Drama, Windham Chamber Singers, Science Olympiad, Interact
Hobbies/Interests: Singing, theater, relaxing
Awards Received: Lion's Club Student of the Month, Scholar Athlete, Honor Roll and High Honor Roll
College: Carnegie Mellon
Major: Architecture

Second Honor Essayist - Lindsay Plante
Parents - Sharon and Tony Plante
Clubs/Activities: Student Council (P), Class Council (P), Key Club, Varsity Club, National Honor Society (VP), French National Honor Society (S), Varsity Field Hockey
Hobbies/Interests: Painting, running
Awards Received: Williams Book Award, Smith Book Award, Historical Society Book Award, DAR Good Citizen, various achievement awards, Scholar Athlete, SMAA All Academic
College: Elliot School of International Affairs at George Washington University
Major: International Relations: Global Development

Third Honor Essayist - Devon Audie
Parents - Jennifer and Michael Audie
Clubs/Activities: Student Outreach, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, YMCA summer camp counselor
Hobbies/Interests: Baking, photography, music, art
Awards Received: Faculty Award: math, Faculty Award: journalism
College: undecided
Major: undecided

Remaining Top Ten in alphabetical order

Shannon Christensen
Parents - Cynthia Skillin and David Christensen
Clubs/Activities: Key Club (VP), Spanish National Honor Society, Debate Club, Geek's Templar, Outdoor Track
Hobbies/Interests: Music, snowboarding, video games
Awards Received: Honor Roll
College: McGill University
Major: Zoology

Kirstin Cook
Parents - Suzanne and Ronald Cook, Sr.
Clubs/Activities: Theater (musicals, One Acts, spring plays), Cross Country, National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society, "Exemplar" literary magazine, "Eagle Eyes" newspaper, student council, debate society
Hobbies/Interests: Indoor and Outdoor Track
Awards Received: All Festival Cast, 2 SMAA All Academic Team awards, Scholar Athlete Awards, Varsity Award, 3rd place Lion's Club Speak Out competition, 1st place Windham PTA Reflections writing contest, High Honor Roll
College: Ithaca College
Major: Broadcast Journalism

Adam Kinney
Parents - Cheryl Kinney and Brad Grass
Clubs/Activities: Interact, French Honor Society, Theater (musicals and plays), work at Corsetti's in Windham
Hobbies/Interests: Music, My band: IntroducingÉ, blood donations, guitar, running, biking, snowmobiling
Awards Received: U.N.E. merit scholarship $8,000.00, Lion's club student of the month, eagle awards, second place Battle of the Bands (2008), Most Marketable Band (2008)
College: University of New England
Major: Dental Hygiene

Austin Loukas
Parents - Kane and Kate Loukas
Clubs/Activities: Spanish Honor Society, National Honor Society, Cross Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track, Drama club, Theater, band
Hobbies/Interests: Acting, running, camping, being with my friends, watching Lost
Awards Received: Lion's Club Student of the Month, Regional Acting Awards, State Acting Award, SMAA All Academic Teams, Cross Country, Indoor Track, Scholar Athlete Awards, Cross Country Coaches Award, St. Michael's Book Award
College: Wilkes University
Major: Psychology

Fiona Mills
Parents - Lori and Mark Mills
Clubs/Activities: Key Club, French Honor Society, Varsity Club, soccer
Hobbies/Interests: Soccer, photography, traveling, crafts
Awards Received: Scholar Athlete, unsung hero, All Academic, Sportsmanship/Effort
College: undecided
Major: Psychology


Katherine Anderson : Father B. Schener Scholarship

Sydney Andrei: WHS BusSim Award

Devon Audie:
Arcadia Achievement Award
Gorham Savings Bank

Jermaine Beard: Nicholas Townsend Memorial Scholarship

Ashley Bodlovick: Westbrook-Gorham Rotary Scholarship

Shantal Bouthillette:
Norwich University Merit Scholarship
WHS Student Council Scholarship

Cerise Caiazzo: Hancock Lumber Scholarship

Benjamin Carlson : MacKinnon Family Scholarship

Carlton Charles: WHS Athletic Boosters

Shannon Christensen: Mechanics Savings Bank

Ashlee Clements: Amanda Grant Memorial Scholarship

Katie Cook:
National Honor Society Scholarship
Donnelly Family Award

Kirstin Cook:
President's Scholarship
Paul Folan Memorial Scholarship

Sarah Crowell : Provost Scholarship

Brittany Demmons:
UNE Merit Scholarship
UNE NorEaster Scholarship

Megan DeSalle :
Delta Epsilon Chi Scholarship
Johnson & Wales
Saco & Biddeford Savings Institution

Nicole Deschambault:
UNE Merit Scholarship
Richard Tyler Family Scholarship
WHS Science Scholarship
WHS Student Council Scholarship

Nathaniel Dixon: &
Duane Clark Memorial Scholarship
BusSim Award
Donnolly Family Award
WHS Varsity Eagle Award

Kelly Dubay:
Windham Bus Garage Scholarship
Lawrence Memorial Scholarship
Early College for ME Scholarship

Taylor Duncanson:
AQHA Foundation Scholarship
Sam Walton Scholarship
WHS Athletic Boosters
Collins-Day Scholarship
Sebago Lakes Rotary Club Scholarship

Demetrius Edwards: Windham Crossroads Garden Club Scholarship

Katie Foss:
Opportunity Scholarship
Susan H. Parker Memorial Scholarship

Rebekah Gagne:
Alpha Beta Kappa Scholarship
Marion Hodgdon Memorial Scholarship

Jaclyn Gamache: WHS Spanish Honor Society Scholarship

Benjamin Goodness: Timothy Pierce Memorial Scholarship

Dale Jacob Greenwood: Windham Educators Scholarship
Seavey Award

Brandon Guerrette:
St. Joseph's Mercy Scholarship
WHS Athletic Boosters Scholarship
Collins-Day Scholarship

Christopher Hatt: NAPA Toolship Award

Cecilia Hines: WHS Yearbook Scholarship

Ekaterina Ikhsanova:
University of Richmond Academic Scholarship
Lesley Langley Memorial Scholarship

David Ingraham:
Nichols Academic Achievement Scholarship
Lawrence Manchester Memorial Scholarship

Tessa Jeffers: Dean Scholarship - Art Institute of Boston

Deanna Jones: Sebago Lakes Chamber of Commerce

David Kimberlin: PATHS Tool Award
ATA Piping Scholarship

Adam Kinney:
UNE Diversity Scholarship
Unity Lodge Scholarship

Angela Landers: Windham Drifters

Katherine Lane:
UMO Presidential Scholarship
George Mitchell Scholarship

Fernando Leon-Prado: Southern NH Hampshire Academic Scholarship

Helen Libby: Student Services Courage & Resiliency Scholarship

Tyler Littlefield: UMO Academic Scholarship

Richard Logan : Windham Alumni Scholarship

Austin Loukas :
Wilkes University Presidential Scholarship
Windham-Raymond Performing Arts Alliance Scholarship
Windham Center Stage Scholarship

John McGintee: Westbrook Gorham Rotary Toolship

Allison McKay : Hofstra Presidential Scholarship

Cody McLean: Collins-Day Scholarship

Michaela McVetty:
Berkeley Academic Scholarship
Crane Special Recognition Scholarship

Maiorino, Christina: Varsity Club Eagle Award

Kaleigh Marston: Keene State Enrichment Scholarship

Amanda Martin : Windham Bus Garage Scholarship

Patrick Martin:
American Legion Student Award
WHS Student Council Scholarship
Johnna Bell Memorial Scholarship
Good Citizenship Award

Kevin Millett: Jolly John's Auto Scholarship

Fiona Mills: University of Vermont Presidential Scholarship

Steven Monaghan:
SMCC Academic Scholarship
Walter Johnson Memorial Scholarship

Lorik Morgan:
Richard Nickerson Scholarship
Windham AdministratorÕs Scholarship
Donald Gordon Memorial Scholarship
Windham-Raymond Performing Arts Alliance

Rebecca Morris: St. Joseph's Academic Scholarship

Stacey Niedoroda: WHS Athletic Boosters Scholarship

Eric O'Connor: Peter Connolly Scholarship

Andrew O'Niell: Univ. of Rochester Marshal/Means/Schavez Leadership Scholarship

Sarah Parenteau: Windham PTA Scholarship

Jacob Perry: University of New England Merit Scholarship

Kayla Phinney : Johnson & Wales Merit Scholarship

Laurie Pitts : UNE Dean's Scholarship

Lindsay Plante:
George Washington University Board of Trustees Scholarship
Windham PTA Scholarship
American Legion Student Scholarship
WHS Student Council Scholarship
Windham Democratic Party Scholarship

Deborah Pratt : Student Services Courage & Resiliency Scholarship

Audrey Quigley: Crane Special Recognition Scholarship

Morgan Reutlinger : Student Services Courage & Resiliency Scholarship

Arianna Rollins: Pleasant River Grange Scholarship

Nicole Ross: University of Evansville Merit Scholarship

Anthony Ruggerio:
Plymouth State Merit Scholarship
Westbrook Senior Citizens Award

Ashley Ryan:
Windham Administrators Scholarship
WHS Student Council Scholarship

Laura Sanborn:
Keene State Enrichment Scholarship
National Honor Society Scholarship

Brittany Shaw : UMO Merit Scholarship

Bradley Sherburne:
Carnegie Mellon Merit Scholarship
Mechanics Savings Bank
Annie Akers Bremon
Sebago Lakes Rotary Club

Timothy Soper : Ed's Cleaning Scholarship

Nicole Staples: University of Northern Colorado National Undergraduate Scholarship

Sami-Jo Stubbs : Windham PTA Scholarship

Tonya Thurlow :
PATHS Perfect Attendance Scholarship
Windham Rescue Scholarship

James Tocher: BusSim Award

Joshua Varney : BusSim Award

Michelle Ward: Endicott Merit Scholarship

Jason Willette: Windham Rescue Scholarship

Jenna Willey: Helen Towle Award

Edwin Winship : Student Services Courage & Resiliency Scholarship

Jennifer Wolfe: USM Presidential Dirigo Scholarship

Jessica Wood :
Ed's Cleaning Scholarship
Windham Center Stage

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Katherine Anderson
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Daniel Berry
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Ashley Bodlovick
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Ekaterina Ikhsanova
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Cory Leslie
Jennifer Levine
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Helen Libby
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Xavier Libby
Tyler Littlefield
Richard Logan Jr.
Amber Loring
Austin Loukas
Serina Lynch
Christina Maiorino
Courtney Maiorino
Samantha Marcello
Elizabeth Marshall
Kaleigh Marston
Amanda Martin
Patrick Martin
Fernando Martinez
Ryan McCarthy
Audrey McCarty
John McGintee
Marc McIntire
Allison McKay
Cody McLean
Nina McNally
Hope McNerney
Scott McPherson
Michaela McVetty
Joshua Meserve
Adam Mesta
Amanda Meyer
Travis Miller
Kevin Millett
Fiona Mills
Brandi Mitchell
Lesley Mitchell
Zackery Mohn
Steven Monaghan
Shawn Moore
Hunter Morey
Lorik Morgan
Rebecca Morris
Julien Morton
McKenzie Nee
Stacey Niedoroda
Melissa Nielsen
Alisha Norden
Eric O'Connor
Andrew O'Neill
Sarah Parenteau
Thomas Patrick
Randall Pendleton
Edward Pennell
Jacob Perry
Kayla Phinney
Laurie Pitts
Lindsay Plante
Karissa Pooler
Radu Postolache
Dawn Pratt
Deborah Pratt
Patrick Presby
Audrey Quigley
Laura Racioppi
Mackenzie Rampino
John Reny
Morgan Reutlinger
Sarah Rogers
Ariana Rollins
Nicole Ross
Kevin Rowe
Anthony Ruggiero
Ashley Ryan
Laura Sanborn
Taija Sellick
Brittany Shaw
Bradley Sherburne
Zachariah Shreves
Erica Sides
Chelsee Smith
Joey Smith
Timothy Soper
Nicole Staples
Sami-Jo Stubbs
Vincent Tardiff
Morgan Thomasson
Tyler Thorpe
Tonya Thurlow
James Tocher
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Zachary Vary
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