Sanford High School

Top of the Class

Michael Patrick Harlan Stanley
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stanley, Michael will be attending Harvard College in Massachusetts, majoring in Neurobiology. He has participated in Mock Trial, Red & White Newspaper, Student Council, NHS, Republican Club and the Interact Club.

Kassey Lynn Matoin
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tony Matoin, Kassey will be attending Bowdoin College in Maine her major is Biology. Kassey has been involved in many sports while she was in high school: field hockey, lacrosse, basketball, softball, and track and field. She also participated in Key Club, Leaders Club, Peer Helpers, NHS, and Prom Committee.

Atticus Lazenby
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Lazenby, Atticus will be attending Bennington College in Vermont majoring in Music. He is an active participant in Jazz Band, Red & White Newspaper, Concert Band, and Marching Band.

Catherine Louise Darragh
Daughter of Ms. Aileen Darragh, Catherine will be attending Dartmouth College in New Hampshire majoring in Journalism/ Premed. She is involved in Red & White Newspaper, Chess & Cribbage Club, Academic Decathlon, and Book Club.

Michelle Claire Rivard
Daughter of Annette Castonguay and Roland Rivard, Michelle will be attending Lipscomb University in Tennessee. She has been part of the Cross Country and Track Teams, Key Club, NHS, Math Team, Student Council, and Prom Committee.

Victoria A. Hewey
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hewey, Victoria will be attending Worcester Polytechnical Institute in Massachusetts focusing in engineering. She participated in Key Club, NHS, Cross Country, Student Council, Class Officer, and Math Team.

Mike McCarthy
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Larry McCarthy, Michael will be attending the University of Southern Maine in Gorham majoring in English. He has participated in the Peer Helpers and Red & White Newspaper.

Katie Elizabeth Bordeau
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bordeau, Katie will be attending Wheaton College in Massachusetts majoring in Biology. She was part of the swim, soccer, and lacrosse teams, Key Club, Environmental Club and a Class Officer.

Kelsey Marie Lavallee
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lavallee, Kelsey will be attending the University of Southern Maine in Gorham majoring in Phychology. She has been part of the Distaff, Drama Club, Concert Band and was the Flute Section Leader for grade 12.

Hannah Lawrence
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Lawrence, Hannah will be attending Wheaton College in Massachusetts majoring in Peace and Conflict Resolution. She has been a participant and captain of girl's soccer and tennis teams, NHS, Math Team, Student Council, and Mock Trial.

Amanda Marie Brindley
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Brindley, Amanda will be attending High Point University in North Carolina majoring in Education to be a future English Teacher. She participated in Distaff, Future Educators of America, and NHS.


Betty & Bill Alexander Scholarship Kelsey Marie Lavallee
Betty & Bill Alexander Scholarship Atticus Lazenby
Altrusa International Inc. Of Sanford/Springvale Stephanie L. Brock
Altrusa International Inc. Of Sanford/Springvale Joseph A. Belanger
Annie E. Bailey Delina Marie Harpole
Bonanza Summit Award Andrew P. Adams
Bonanza Summit Award Kassey Lynn Matoin
Campbell Cup Andrew P. Adams
Charles Caramihalis Memorial Kevin P. Laroche
John M. Caramihalis Zachary G. Clarke
Ina Chalker Memorial Sovannaretha P. Neang
Dwayne Chubb Scholarship Amy Ledoux
Janet Clarke Memorial Scholarship Catalina Khuon
Betty Cockburn Memorial Scholarship Sarah Elizabeth Cole
College Night Scholarship Meaghan M. Hurley
College Night Scholarship Brandon Rivard
College Night Scholarship Zachary G. Clarke
College Night Scholarship Jayme Lynn Brasier
College Night Scholarship Garrett S. Sawyer
College Night Scholarship Catherine Louise Darragh
Officer Jean L. Cote Memorial Jonathan Carpenter
Mark Cousens Memorial (Football) Andrew P. Adams
Mark Cousens Memorial (Wrestling) Ryan Bogan
Len Croteau Memorial Scholarship Amanda Marie Brindley
Culinary Arts Vocational Round Table Scholarship Rebekah M. Erwin
Mike Dowey Memorial Scholarship Victoria A. Hewey
Dorothy Dunnells Scholarship Jonathan Adam Tapscott
Dorothy Dunnells Scholarship Brittni Lee Levangie
Duprez Family Memorial Scholarship Samantha Lee Bissell
Early College For Maine Scholarship Rithy Chap
Early College For Maine Scholarship Breanne Drake
Early College For Maine Scholarship Natasha Fitzgerald
Early College For Maine Scholarship Stephen James Lemont
Eastern Star Scholarship Of Ruth Chapter Springvale Kimberly Ann Campbell
Evonik Cyro Scholarship Victoria A. Hewey
Joseph And Lena Ferro Scholarship Jacquelyn Vo
Edna Folsom Nicholas E. Clark
James E. Mccambridge & Charlotte Mccambridge Frank Mem. Jill M. Boyce
Janice Fulmer Memorial Scholarship Kimberly Ann Campbell
Janice Fulmer Memorial Scholarship Ashley Victoria Lachance
Golden Alumni Mikaela Elizabeth Gerry
Goodall Henrietta D. Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship Megan Elizabeth Sharpe
Blanche R. Goodwin Sarah Louise Dubois
Harold S. Goodwin Thomas M. Wilson
Hancock Lumber Quinn H. Ramini
Holdsworth Scholarship Atticus Lazenby
Holdsworth Scholarship Collin Addison Stuart
Home Health Visiting Nurses Scholarship (Allysan C. Hooper Fund) Kassandra Coleman
Jolly John Auto City Courtney Michelle Wing
Kennebunk Savings Bank Heather V. Sherman
Kiwanis Club Of Sanford Jacquelyn Vo
Kiwanis Club Of Sanford Sovannaretha P. Neang
Kiwanis Club Of Sanford Michael Kenneth Plante
Kiwanis Club Of Sanford Alexandria Frechette
Barbara Larochelle Memorial Stephanie L. Brock
Lawrence Family Trust Scholarship Cody Moreau
Lawrence Family Trust Scholarship Megan Elizabeth Sharpe
Tim Leipold Memorial Scholarship Sarah Hockhousen
Emile & Ethel Trafton Levasseur Kassey Lynn Matoin
Emile & Ethel Trafton Levasseur Curt R. Ege
Leland M. Littlefield Michael Patrick Harlan Stanley
William R. Littlefield Jr. Memorial Jonathan Thomas Brock
William & Harriette Littlefield Memorial Scholarship Ashley Victoria Lachance
William Maguire Mathematics Award Scholarship Victoria A. Hewey
Margaret Maurais Memorial Scholarship Delina Marie Harpole
Margaret Maurais Memorial Scholarship Samantha Alicia Montgomery
Melmac Maine Education Foundation Elizabeth Mcgehee
Metrocast Cablevision Melissa W. Cote
Senator George J. Mitchell Scholarship Collin Addison Stuart
Mountain View Golf Range (Lee Bougie & Rita Moody Memorial) David P. Boisclair
Nina A. Paganelli Memorial Mary-Louise Roberts
Nina A. Paganelli Memorial Collin Addison Stuart
Cindy Pluciennik Scholarship (New) Richard H. Lamirande
Florence Prescott Jill M. Boyce
Ithel E. Prescott Elizabeth Mcgehee
Robert Dan Prescott Kevin P. Laroche
Principal Achievement Award Zachary Tranchemontagne
Principal Scholarship Fund Andrew P. Adams
Principal Scholarship Fund Jill M. Boyce
Principal Scholarship Fund Jace R. Clarke
Principal Scholarship Fund Catherine Louise Darragh
Principal Scholarship Fund Curt R. Ege
Principal Scholarship Fund Alexandria Frechette
Principal Scholarship Fund Jacob Gaudreau
Principal Scholarship Fund Kelsey Marie Lavallee
Principal Scholarship Fund Hannah Lawrence
Principal Scholarship Fund Michelle Claire Rivard
Project Graduation (Class Of 1984) Kelsey Ruth Beal
Stephen G. Ricker Memorial Justin Robert D'ulisse
Marolyn P. Roberts Memorial Megan Elizabeth Sharpe
Dr. H. Danforth Ross Jace R.Clarke
Edith L. Ross Michelle Claire Rivard
Louis And Lorraine Ruel Memorial Amanda Leigh Butler
Sanford Bonanza Student Employee Kyle Mychael Guay
Sanford Bonanza Student Employee Donald Hanson
Sanford Bonanza Student Employee Christopher Langlais
Sanford Bonanza Student Employee Philip Langlais
Sanford Bonanza Student Employee Ryan J. Langlois
Sanford Bonanza Student Employee Lucas Oak
Sanford Dairy Queen Kelsey Elizabeth Waterhouse
Sanford Elks/George Milne Community Service Scholarship Victoria A. Hewey
Sanford Federation Of Teachers Scholarship Ashley Victoria Lachance
Sanford High School Achievement Cup Michael Patrick Harlan Stanley
Sanford High School Athletic Boosters Jacob Gaudreau
Sanford High School Athletic Boosters Kassey Lynn Matoin
Sanford High School Class Of 1942 Hannah Lawrence
Sanford High School Key Club Victoria A. Hewey
Sanford High School Key Club Michelle Claire Rivard
Sanford High School Key Club Samantha Alicia Montgomery
Sanford High School National Honor Society Scholarship Sahara Jean Doane
Sanford High School Student Council Hannah Lawrence
Sanford Institution For Savings Scholarship Mike Mccarthy
Sanford Institution For Savings Scholarship Sarah Elizabeth Cole
Sanford Institution For Savings Scholarship Amanda Marie Brindley
Sanford Institution For Savings Scholarship Levi S. Brown
Sanford Institution For Savings Scholarship Amy Ledoux
Sanford Lions Club Scholarship Ashley Victoria Lachance
Sanford Lions Club Scholarship Jonathan Thomas Brock
Sanford Lions Club Scholarship Nicholas E. Clarke
Sanford Lions Club Scholarship Kassey Lynn Matoin
Sanford Mainers Scholarship (New) Sarah Elizabeth Cole
Sanford Regional Vocational Center Scholarship Kimberly Ann Campbell
Sanford Regional Vocational Center Scholarship Melissa W. Cote
Sanford Regional Vocational Center Scholarship Thomas Steven Belanger
Sanford Regional Vocational Center Scholarship Donald Hanson
Sanford School Administrators Association Amanda Marie Brindley
Sanford/Springvale Chamber Of Commerce & Economic Development Business Scholarship Jace R. Clarke
Sanford/Springvale Chamber Of Commerce & Economic Development Business Scholarship Kelsey Ruth Beal
Sanford/Springvale College Club Lindsey M. Blake
Sanford/Springvale College Club Lea C. Beaulieu
Sanford/Springvale Democratic Committee Scholarship Kevin P. Laroche
Sanford/Spingvale Music Boosters Association Scholarship Rebecca Anne Brown
Sanford/Springvale Music Boosters Association Scholarship Jamie Lee Bruno
Sanford/Springvale Music Boosters Association Scholarship Rebekah M. Erwin
Sanford/Springvale Music Boosters Association Scholarship Heidi L. Hammerle
Sanford-Springvale Rotary Scholarship Sarah Elizabeth Cole
Sanford-Springvale Rotary Scholarship Adam M. Littlefield
Sanford-Springvale Rotary Scholarship Amy Ledoux
Ssyaa/Hannaford Scholarship Ashley Victoria Lachance
Ssyaa/Hannaford Scholarship Collin Addison Stuart
Springvale Knights Of Columbus Scholarship Lea C. Beaulieu
Springvale Knights Of Columbus Scholarship Donald Hanson
Springvale Knights Of Columbus Scholarship Ashley Victoria Lachance
Springvale Knights Of Columbus Scholarship Michelle Claire Rivard
Springvale Knights Of Columbus Scholarship Chelsea M. White
Springvale Knights Of Columbus Scholarship Jayme Lynn Brasier
James H. Stalnaker Photo-Journalism Scholarship Sarah Hockhousen
Norman Stansfield Atticus Lazenby
Betty Syvinski Scholarship Michael Patrick Harlan Stanley
Frances Thyng Memorial Scholarship Elizabeth A. S. Thibaudeau
Tribune Cup Jill M. Boyce
Vernon S. Walker Memorial Caitlin Rose Champagne
Lucy Watson Memorial (Lucy Watson & Fred Hardy) Katie Elizabeth Bordeau
Weathervane Restaurant Scholarship Kevin P. Laroche
Wells Regional Medical Urgent Care Scholarship Kylie R.Riddell
George Willard Memorial Catherine Louse Darragh
York County Retired Teachers' Association Scholarship Amanda Marie Brindley

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Victoria MM. Ackroyd
Andrew P. Adams
J. Alvarado
Steven R. Andrews
Jessica Armitage
Ashley S. Arsenault
Tricia Lynn Ashline
Kassandra Lorette Batchelder
Kelsey Ruth Beal
Breanna Beauchesne
Lea C. Beaulieu
Nathan Bedell
Jeremy D. Belanger
Joseph A. Belanger
Thomas Steven Belanger
Jerrick A. Bernier
Angelina Rose Berube
Samantha Lee Bissell
Lindsey M. Blake
Ryan Bogan
David P. Boisclair
Katie Elizabeth Bordeau
Alison Marie Gallant
Tiffani L. Bourque
Jill M. Boyce
Jessie Lynne Brackett
Kirby Dana Bradburn
Stephanie L. Brais
Jayme Lynn Brasier
Bonnie R. Bremner
Amanda Marie Brindley
Jonathan Thomas Brock
Stephanie L. Brock
Madison Brooks
Levi S. Brown
Rebecca Anne Brown
Jamie Lee Bruno
Eric Bshara
Amanda Leigh Butler
James Arthur Butler
David T. Cader
Stephanie Crystal Cailler
Lauren Marie Cambra
Robert Cameron
Kimberly Ann Campbell
Nicholas Canney
Shawn Michael Carlton
Cayla M. Carpenter
Jonathan Carpenter
Johnathan Cartonio
Miranda Caswell
Nicole Marie Cavaleri
Caitlin Rose Champagne
Rithy Chap
Nicholas E. Clark
Jace R. Clarke
Zachary G. Clarke
Sarah Elizabeth Cole
Kassandra Coleman
Megan L. Coll
Lisa Marie Cora
Derek D. Cormier
Kayla M. Cormier
Melissa W. Cote
Melissa J. Couture
Jessica Paige Cunningham
Amanda L. Cushman
Catherine Louise Darragh
Michael Delafontaine
Matthew Deschesne
Steven Edward-Rene Desmarais
Melissa Lynn Desrochers
Tameka Dexter
Sahara Jean Doane
Megan Doherty
Bradley Donahue
Stephanie M. Doyle
Breanne Drake
Ashley May Drisko
Sarah Louise Dubois
Cameron J. Dudzisz
Justin Robert D'Ulisse
Jesse T. Duncan
Bobbiejean Sara Dyer
Curt R. Ege
Chelsea Rae Elliott
Joni-Rae J. Elskamp
Ricky William Emmons
Rebekah M. Erwin
Amber Marie Farnsworth
Natasha Fitzgerald
Kristen Pauline Flood
Charlene Foss
Alexandria Frechette
Sydney C. Fuller
Allison Lynne Gallant
Carrie Gardner
Wesley Gardner
Justin C. Gastonguay
Jacob Gaudreau
Mikaela Elizabeth Gerry
Eric S. Glanville
Stephen L. Graffam
Alexander Gray
Dillon Green
Jessica Anne Greene
Peter Ross Gross
Amanda Dawn Gruette
Kyle Mychael Guay
Thomas-John E. Hajny
Karl C. Hamilton
Heidi L. Hammerle
Samantha Jean Hansen
Donald Hanson
Mathew Hanson
Delina Marie Harpole
James A. Hatch
Nick Hawkins
Joshua Hawks
Victoria A. Hewey
Ariel Anne Hilton
Sarah Hockhousen
Jessica Hoffman
Brenna Hooks
Brian Hopkins
Nicole M. Houle
Shawn Houle
William E. Huntoon
Meaghan M. Hurley
Courtney L. Hutchinson
Samantha Jackson
Samantha R. Jean
James E. Kemp
Catalina Khuon
Megan N. Kidder
Ashley Victoria Lachance
Rebecca Joy Laine
Kristin Lynn Lajoie
Richard H. Lamirande
David Mark Landry Jr.
Christopher Langlais
Philip Langlais
Ryan J. Langlois
Kevin P. LaRoche
Kelsey Marie Lavallee
Hannah Lawrence
Atticus Lazenby
Kayla M. Leach
Melissa K. Leavitt
Amy Ledoux
Jacob L. Lemieux
Johnathan Richard Lemieux
Shayne E. Lemieux
Stephen James Lemont
Jesse L. Leslie
Brittni Lee Levangie
Victoria Lynn Lincoln
Adam M. Littlefield
Justin J. Macfarlane
Krystle MacMaster
Taylor C. Madore
Luisa E. Madrid M.
Tricia Marshall
Bryan Adam Martinez
Jacob Ross Maschhoff
Kassey Lynn Matoin
Mike McCarthy
Ryan Patrick McDougal
Derek Thomas McEwen
Elizabeth McGehee
Samantha Michelle McNulty
Charlie A. Meas
Audrianna M. Mercer
Stephanie R. Mercer
Samantha Joesphine Mercier
Jeremy Andrew Michaud
Ethan Frances Monahan
Samantha Alicia Montgomery
Chelsea Monto
Cody Moreau
Blaine R. Morin Jr.
Brytania S. Murphy
Patrick W. Murphy
Paul T. Murphy
Sovannaretha P. Neang
Giulia Nemann
Trevan J. Nordmann
Lucus Oak
Justin L. Obremski
Eric Steven Parent
Jacob J. Pease
Jeffrey Pelletier
Shauna M. Petrillo
Zachary Phillips
Jeffrey Jess Pillsbury
Dylan Earl Pinkham
Heather Bailey Pirini
Michael Kenneth Plante
Zack Plante
Matthew C. Presby
Matthew A. Prior
Matthew James Prive
Alicia Jayne Pulk
Kaitlyn N. Quirion
Quinn H. Ramini
Joshua Rando
Heather Reed
Kylie R. Riddell
Brandon Rivard
Michelle Claire Rivard
Angel Luis Rivera Jr.
Jeffrey Roberts
Mary-Louise Roberts
Danny M. Robicheau
David Robicheau
Amber J. Robitaille
Alisha B. Romano
Tanya D. Roslan
Eric Daniel Ross
Nicholas J. Roux
Kelsey M. Ruzzi
Mario B. Sanchez
Laura E. Santos
Molly E. Sarson
Garrett S. Sawyer
Nicholas J. Sawyers
Stephen Sebastian
Benjamin Thomas Sevigny
Megan Elizabeth Sharpe
Heather V. Sherman
Kelley M. Simpson
Kyle D. Sisson
Harley Davidson Smith
Rebecca Lynn Smith
Steven Glenn Smith
Angelia R. Soucy
Haylie Rebecca Spulick
Shane St. Laurent
Michael Patrick Harlan Stanley
Ashleylyn Marie Stevens
Collin Addison Stuart
Gregory J. Szymbor
Jonathan Adam Tapscott
Elizabeth A.S. Thibaudeau
Courtney Lee Thibodeau
Margarete A. Tietgens
Jonatan Elias Mangan Torres
Zachary Tranchemontagne
Eric S. Tremblay
Nicolas R. Trombley
Josh Turner
Matthew Turowsky
Seth TwoHearts
Brittany L. Vachon
Eva Marie Valley
Veronica Vanny
Andrew Vermette
Skyler Lee Vermette
Jacquelyn Vo
Glen L. Wallace
Brett Allen Wallingford
Shawn Walsh
Kelsey Elizabeth Waterhouse
Kayla Watson
Jordan A. Wears
Craig Welch
Eric Wade Welch
Brandy Wheeler
Chelsea M. White
Taylor L. White
Jessica M. Whyland
Kaila Williams
Naithaan Williams
Thomas M. Wilson
Courtney Michelle Wing
Richard Guy Wiswell
Dalton P. Wood
Jessy Wrisley
Dalat Yi