Royal Academy

Thirty-eight students graduated from Royal Academy of Gray on June 5th in an evening ceremony at First Parish Congregational Church in Yarmouth. Jasmine Chick gave the invocation, Daniel Clark and Jac Villagonzalo read Old and New Testament passages, Lee Bernier and Jennifer McPherson presented class acknowledgements, and Jarrod Brown led the students in the changing of the tassel. Teacher Penellope Cote thanked the parents on behalf of the school and Hannah Coons led the presentation of the roses. Shirley Minster, Director, presented remarks and the charge to the graduates.

As is the custom at every graduation, teachers Jane Boswell, Sally Szostak, Cote, and Minster spoke about each student in her group. Then parents of students were called to the front and they handed the diploma to their son or daughter, signifying their important role in the educational program of their children.


President's Award for Educational Excellence
Lee Bernier, Veronica Blood, Jacob Buob. Jasmine Chick, Daniel Clark, Amalia Handler, Jennifer McPherson, Marco Ranzi, Benjamin Robertson, Veronica Ross, Kailee Ryan, Jac Villagonzalo

President's Award for Educational Achievement
Tyler Low, Jonathan McGhee, Megan Putnam, Lilly Turmelle

Naval Science III Outstanding Cadet, Naval
JROTC Cadet of the Month for Exceptional Performance

Lee Bernier

Skills USA - Gold Medal in Web Design
Jake Buob

Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Award,
The Maine Arts Commission

Jasmine Chick

Top Scholar Scholarship/College of Engineering
Scholarship/Department of Electrical Engineering Scholarship, University of Maine Daniel Clark

2009 Holy Cross Organ Scholar, College of the Holy Cross
Jennifer McPherson

Military Order of the World Wars, Air Force JROTC
Koby McVey

T-Shirt Design Winner, 2008 Harley-Davidson Rally
Amy Mizner

Certificate of Special Recognition: Musical Collaborative Skills/Ability/Talent,
Portland Arts and Technology High School

David Pike

Mildred Seller Bunton/Calvin Hoffman Waller
Undergraduate Fellows Scholarship, Penn State University

Marco Ranzi

Faculty Scholarship, Cedarville University
Benjamin Robertson

Nor'Easter Scholarship and Academic Competitiveness
Grant, University of New England

Veronica Ross

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Bar Mills: Benjamin Robertson
Brewer: Koby McVey
Bristol: Tyler Low
Buxton: Veronica Ross, Catherine Gallant
Chapman: Jake Buob
Cumberland: Tricia Hanks
Denmark: Lynn Legare
Eliot: Jennifer McPherson
Gorham: Ryan Beaulieu, Kailee Ryan
Gray: Jarrod Brown, Daniel Clark, Hannah Coons, Amy Mizner
Harpswell: Jonathan McGhee
Hebron: Mariah Brown
Lewiston: Jasmine Chick
Newburgh: Colby Smith
North Yarmouth: Christine Fitzpatrick
Oxford: Sven Bergeron, Matthew Moorman
Portland: Valorie Lake
Raymond: Thomas Cave, David Pike
Scarborough: Jac Villagonzalo
Standish: Lee Bernier
West Paris: Rachel Grover
Massachusetts: Victoria Blood, Nathan Lundquist
New Hampshire: Dominic Cantone, Holly Morris, Lilly Turmelle
New Jersey: Marco Ranzi
New York: Amalia Handler, Megan Putnam, Brandon Rackowski
Rhode Island: Brett Sampson