Brunswick High School

Top of the Class

Claire Baecher is the Valedictorian for the Brunswick High School graduating class of 2009. She is the daughter of Laura and Peter Baecher of Brunswick. A leader by example, Claire's achievements have occurred in both the classroom as well as on the playing field. Claire has taken this school's most challenging classes and been inducted into both National and French Honor Societies. A four year member of Brunswick High's Math Team, Claire is also an inductee into the mathematics honor society, Mu Alpha Theta, and a National Merit Finalist. Other honors include, the Rochester Institute of Technology's Computing Medal, St. Joseph's Book Award and regional winner of the faculty nominated Daughters of the American Revolution "Good Citizen" Scholarship for exemplifying the qualities of dependability, service, leadership and patriotism. A four year varsity basketball player, Claire has captained her team the last two years with integrity and intelligence, garnering numerous awards including attaining 1,000 points during her career. A love of the environment has led to Claire's interest in working with the Cathance River Education Alliance and Crystal Spring Farm. Other hobbies include ultimate frisbee, squash, baking, riding a unicycle and hanging with friends. Claire will be attending Williams College with Biology as her intended major.

Margaret Hayden is the daughter of Martin and Anne Hayden of Brunswick. Margaret has compiled a truly impressive academic record during her time in high school. She has taken a number of honors and Advanced Placement courses and completed four years of study in both Latin and Spanish. Margaret has emerged as a true leader and has exhibited a lot of initiative through her community involvement and personal career exploration. Her experience with Safe Passage, working with the children and families of the Guatemala City garbage dump in Guatemala, helped to solidify her postsecondary plans to work toward offering and improving health care for all. Margaret also job shadowed physicians in their offices and in the delivery room, volunteered in the emergency room at Parkview Hospital and interviewed and shadowed the patient safety officer at Maine Medical Center. Margaret is interning in Boston with the Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program and also teaching English as a second language. She was a founder of the Brunswick Squash Club and helped spearhead a volunteer project that members of the squash club participated in working with the children of Somali refuges in Lewiston. She also organized a voter registration drive at the high school to encourage eligible students to register and vote. Margaret has been a member of the lacrosse, basketball, and soccer teams and inducted into the National, Latin and Spanish Honor Societies. In the fall, Margaret is planning to attend Stanford University in Stanford, California, where she will study community health.

Ryan Keating is the son of Drs. Thomas Keating and Lynn Ouellette of Brunswick. Ryan has pursued a rigorous course of study comprised mainly of honors and Advanced Placement courses and which also includes four years of study in both French and Latin. For extracurricular activities, Ryan has been inducted into the National, French and Latin Honors Societies; has been a member of the Key Club and math team and also played football and lacrosse. This year, Ryan is captain of the varsity lacrosse team. His community service time includes Relay for Life, volunteering at lacrosse clinics, and involvement with various community service activities conducted through the Key Club. Ryan's accomplishments have earned him the Bausch and Lomb Science Award, the Williams Book Award, and the foreign language department's French Award. Ryan is planning to attend Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, in the fall where he will study engineering.

Parker Merrill is the son of Deborah and Clinton Merrill of Brunswick. This fall he plans on attending University of Virginia where he will pursue a major in Biomedical Engineering. Last year Parker was a National Merit Honorable Mention; one of 4 at Brunswick High School. In his junior year he received the underclassman science department award. Teachers remark that his display of personal initiative and determination in pursuing his intellectual and life goals has been most impressive. He has been dedicated to the cross country, indoor and outdoor track teams as well as the National Honor Society and Key Club. In addition, he has actively volunteered at Humane Society and with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Lauren De Camilla, daughter of Doug and Laurie De Camilla of Brunswick, is the 5th ranked student for the Brunswick High School class of 2009. With a love of learning, Lauren has taken some of this school's most challenging classes and even ventured outside our walls taking classes at Bowdoin College. For her strong academic endeavors Lauren has received recognition in the form of a book award from Middlebury College and is an inductee into both the National and Spanish Honor Society's. Commanding the respect of both faculty and peers, Lauren was chosen for our annual Davis Award last year for her "genuine sympathetic interest in others" and a willingness to give of herself. Along with International Relations and Spanish, Lauren indicates an intended major in History. For her "spirit of inquiry and demonstrating a love of history" Lauren was honored with the Pejepscot Historical Society's book award. As a member of the Math Team, Lauren has also been recognized with an award from the Pi-Cone Math League. Lauren's sense of community has been represented by her countless hours working for her church youth group and as a teacher aide for 6th graders. In her spare time Lauren plays classical guitar and works in the art studio. Lauren will continue her voracious appetite for learning at Colby College in the fall.

Emily Hartzell is the daughter of Richard and Lynda Hartzell of Brunswick. Emily has pursued a very demanding course of study comprised mainly of honors and Advanced Placement courses. In addition to being an excellent student, Emily is something of an athlete and musician and has been recognized for her accomplishments in these areas. She has been a member of the school's band and the Portland Youth Symphony Wind Ensemble where she plays the trumpet and was named to the District 3 and All State Honors Band for several years. She has been a member of the varsity softball, indoor track and cross country teams and also the math team. This past winter, Emily placed first in the State Class A indoor Pole Vaulting competition. Emily was inducted into the National, Spanish and Math Honors Societies. Emily is planning to attend Worcester Polytechnic Institute, in Worcester, Massachusetts, where she will study chemical engineering.

Valerie L. Smith is the daughter of Lynne and Roger Smith of Brunswick. Although Valerie has excelled in all of her academic pursuits, her passion is science. She is interested in forensics and plans to major in chemistry at the University of Southern Maine. She has been accepted into the honors program. Valerie is a member of both the National Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society. She was cited last year for her outstanding achievement in Spanish and she hopes to study abroad in a Spanish speaking country. Valerie has volunteered regularly at the Coastal Humane Society and through the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program. She also tutors other high school students in chemistry and geometry. Valerie is an avid reader and with all this somehow she also finds the time to design and sew many of her own clothes.

Matthew Liscovitz is the son of Stephen and Carol Liscovitz of Brunswick. Matt has consistently challenged himself academically by taking a rigorous course of study composed mainly of honors and Advanced Placement courses and which also includes four years of study in both Latin and Spanish. For extracurricular activities, Matt has been a member of the baseball and indoor track teams, the squash club, Contemplators Anonymous and has been inducted into the National, Latin and Spanish Honor Societies. Through his involvement with Contemplators Anonymous, he has helped raise money for mosquito netting to help prevent the spread of malaria and also for school supplies for a community in Ghana. Matt's love of baseball has been evident by the fact that he plays year-round but also through his work with younger players as a coach through the Brunswick Parks and Recreation baseball program. He was named to the KVAC First Team and also to the Maine Underclass All Star Team. Matt is planning to attend Haverford College, in Haverford, Pennsylvania, where he will study the classics and ancient history and also play baseball.

Sean McGuire is the son of Eileen Poulin and Richard McGuire of Brunswick. This fall he plans on attending Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois where he will pursue his studies in drama and modern languages. Sean was one of 3 National Merit Semi-finalists at Brunswick High School this year. He is noted as an excellent stage performer, and a talented and resourceful artist. He is a member of the National Honor Society, the French Honor Society and the Model United Nations. In addition he has been a viable member of the cross country and track teams serving as captain his senior year. Actively involved with the Theatre Project, he was named "The First ever Theater Project Young Company Board President." Other accolades include the Gold Key Scholastic Art Award. Additional hobbies include, art and philosophical debate, cross country skiing, hiking, biking and cultural criticism.

Monika Szamalek is the daughter of Andrew and Hanna Szamalek of Brunswick. Monika has not decided on a major, however, she excels in language study, art, and writing and would like to pursue something in one of those areas. Monika is bilingual, proficient in Spanish and teaching herself Russian. She will be exploring her interests at Clark University in Massachusetts. Monika is a member of both the National Honors Society and the Spanish Honors Society. She has worked on the yearbook for the past three years and this year as a section editor she worked tirelessly to make sure deadlines were met. She is also a founding member of the Contemplators Anonymous - a small group that regularly raised money to send mosquito nets to Ghana. Monika hopes to travel throughout Europe and undoubtedly will spend at least a year abroad when she is in college.

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