Bonny Eagle High School


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Top of the Class

Andrea Ballute is the daughter of Donald and Elaine Ballute of Hollis. Andrea participated in the Foreign Language Honor Society, and was a National Honor Society officer, the Student Council Secretary, and Fight Against Cancer Society President. She played varsity soccer and varsity lacrosse. She earned Kiwanis Honors awards, the Honors English 10 and 11 awards, the Spanish II and IV awards, the AP US History award, the Smith College Book Award, and was the Scholar-Athlete in both her junior and sophomore years. She was named to the SMAA Girls Lacrosse All-Rookie Team in 2007, and was the 2008 Defensive MVP. Andrea will attend Boston College in the Carroll School of Management Honors Program.

Clinton Cyr is the son of Roxanne and Peter Cyr of Limington. Clinton was the T-Cell President, and was active in the National Honor Society, the Student Mentoring program, Pep Band, Pit Band, and Chamber Singers. He participated in the soccer, indoor track, and wrestling programs. Clinton received Kiwanis Honor Student Awards, the Freshman Scholar-Athlete Award, and the French I and III Awards. He was a Boys State Delegate, and earned the Hearts of Gold Award. He plans to major in engineering at the University of Hartford (Conn.) and continue playing music.

Perry Cyr is the son of Roxanne and Peter Cyr of Limington. He was the T-Cell Vice President, and was active in the National Honor Society, and the Student Mentoring program. He participated in the soccer, wrestling, and indoor track programs. He was nominated for Boyís State, and for the Sophomore and Junior Male Scholar Athlete awards. He plans to earn a Masterís Degree in Architecture at Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI, and hopes to study for a semester in Italy.

Kimberly Dubois is the daughter of Debbie and David Dubois of Hollis. Kimberly has served as the Student Council President. She also participated in Natural Helpers, Fight Against Cancer Society, National Honor Society, and the Academic Mentoring program. She participated in freshman softball, indoor track, and JV cheerleading. She won the Principal's Award and the Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award. She received a Kiwanis Honor Student Award. She will attend the University of Central Florida in Orlando with a major in nursing and a minor in dance.

Jacob Good is the son of Scott and Melissa Good of Steep Falls. He participated in the Student Mentoring program, the Theater Club, and the Eagle Times school newspaper. He received a Kiwanis Honor Student Award, the Lab Chemistry Award, and the Lab Physics Award. He will attend Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY, with a major in pre-medicine.

Troy Hollihan is the son of Barbara and Chuck Weber, and Bill Ramisez, all of Standish. He has been active in the Student Council. He played lacrosse. Troy was given the Spanish I Award. He will attend the University of Hartford (Conn.) with a major in engineering and Spanish.

Heather Lewis is the daughter of Angela and David Deraspe of Hollis. She has been active in the Fight Against Cancer Society. She played field hockey and basketball. She received a Kiwanis Honors Award. She will attend Worcester (Mass.) Polytechnic Institute with a major in engineering.

Celeste Lozier is the daughter of Cynthia and David Lozier of Buxton. Celeste was president of the Civil Rights Team, and participated in the Key Club, the Model United Nations, and the Gay-Straight Alliance. She is the St. Michaelís College Book Award winner, and received a National Merit Scholarship Commended Student Award. Salutatorian of her class, she will attend the University of Maine at Orono with a double major in English and Science.

Ashley Pettengill is the daughter of Denise Boisse of Hollis. She has been active in Amnesty International, the Drama Club, and the International Thespian Society. She received the Kiwanis Honors Award, the Theater Award, and the Coach's Award. Ashley will attend the University of Southern Maine with a major in theater.

Jennifer Reaves is the daughter of Stephanie and Scott Reaves of Buxton. She was vice president of the Fight Against Cancer Society, was the Eagle Times Co-Editor, and the Maine Medical Explorers Vice President. She was also a member of the National Honor Society, Foreign Language Honor Society, and the Academic Mentoring program. Jennifer received the Society of Women Engineers Award, Kiwanis Honors Awards, and the Kiwanis Community Scholarship Award. She will attend the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) with a major in medicine. She hopes to become a pediatric surgeon.

Lauren Snow is the daughter of William and Tammy Snow of Steep Falls. She was a member of the Pep Band and the Math Team. Lauren received a Kiwanis Honors Award. She will attend the University of Southern Maine with a major in mathematics.

Stacy Sullivan is the daughter of Tom and Peg Sullivan of Hollis. Stacy participated in the national competition of National History Day, and was awarded first place in the paper category of that state competition. She participated in Natural Helpers, the National Honor Society, the Fight Against Cancer Society, and Amnesty International. Stacy played soccer and outdoor track. She received the Columbia Book Award and the Outstanding Save Energy Award. Stacy plans to attend Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY, and study publishing.

Lauren Wallace is the daughter of Stephen and Christine Wallace of Steep Falls. She was the T-Cell Secretary. She participated in the National Honor Society, the Foreign Language Honor Society, the Fight Against Cancer Society, and was an Academic Mentoring program Group Leader. She played field hockey, softball, and Indoor and outdoor track. She received the Kiwanis High Honor Award and the St. Anselm College Book Award. She will attend Bryant University in Smithfield, RI, with a major in accounting.

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Afiri, Anisa Ryan
Amabile, Monica A
Anderson, Benjamin R
Anderson, Joshua G
Arnold, Nicole M
Arsenault, Michael J
Babine, Cameron M
Ballute, Andrea K
Barker, Tabitha
Bean, Lisa M
Belanger, Chelsea S
Benner, Brett M
Bernier, Lee Daniel
Bishop, Taylor P
Bisson, Tyler
Borelli, David J
Bouthiet, Elizabeth A
Bowdidge, Mark D
Bradbury, Aimee S
Bradbury, Chase L
Bradbury, Kelly M
Brewster, Shane D
Brooks, Tyler E
Brown, Kayla M
Brown, Tyler T
Buck, Nicholas A
Burgess, Daniel E
Bussiere, Noah D
Buzzell, Travis W
Byrnes, Melissa K
Cali, Shelby D
Carlson, Cody L
Carrier, Joseph M
Carter, Vanessa E
Chambers, Kerri M
Childs, Adam D
Clarke, Jessica M
Cooper, Amanda
Coulling, Kathleen E
Craney, Victoria F
Crocker, Benjamin L
Crockett, Cassandra Rose
Curatola, Anthony L
Curtis, Bobbie Mercades
Curtis, Megan E
Cyr, Casey R
Cyr, Clinton D
Cyr, Perry C
Dapolito, Angelina
Davis, Rachael S
Day, Casey A
Day, Channing T
Day, Dustin S
Delaney, Kaitlin L
Denney, Justin V
Dickinson, Nicholas J
Dillard, Kevin M
Dippolito, Edward J
Doehler, Nathaniel C
Doughty, Michael A
Drake, Chelsey Lee
DuBois, Kimberly R
Dunn, Krysten Elise
Dunn, Travis D
Dupuis, Jillian R
Durkin, Kyle D
Dyer, Lindsay M
Emery, Melissa S
Esposito, Maryellen E
Eyler, Ashley Nicole
Fisher, Bram C
Foster, Mitchell A
Foster, Stacy E
Freitas, Serena E
Frisco, Brittney M
Galarneau, Chelsea Faye
Gallant, Joseph K
Garland, Naomi L
Garland, Natasha A
Gerard, James J
Giguere, Katelynn L
Gillespie, Derek B
Glidden, Erika L
Good, Jacob G
Good, Kai V T
Goroshkevich, Vasiliy
Grant, Kayley M
Gregg, Thomas F
Grindrod, Nicole K
Groeger, Dalton M
Grovo, Timothy J
Hackerman, Niki L
Hall, James A
Hall, Nicholas A
Hanscom, Zachary D
Hanson, Kyle T
Hanson, R Matthew
Hardy, Jaymes T
Harmon, Brian M
Harmon, Jesse P
Harmon, Julia C
Harmon, Kayla M
Harmon, Russell H
Harvey, Richard A
Hebert, Kelsey L
Heck, Joshua R
Henckel, Evan O
Higgins, Alysha M
Hildreth, Donald F
Hilton, Jeffrey W
Hodgkins, Joshua T
Hollihan, Troy M
Hopkins, Kevin James
Hornung, John R
Howard, Marina M
Huff, Nathan E
Huntley, Nicholas S
Iezzi, Eric J
Jacobson, Shannon
Jacques, Megan
Jamison, Natasha R
Johnson, Amanda L
Johnson, Jennie E
Johnson, Jessica L
Jones, Joshua T
Judkins, Benjamin A
Junkins, Adam C
Keith, Mitchell H
Kendrick, Michael Timothy
Kern, Lindsay M
Kesson, Karli
King, Brian L
King, Rebecca R
LaBreck, Justin E
Labrie, Andrew J
Lampron, Laura Michelle
Lamy, Tylor R
Laverriere, Beth
Leighton, Ashley M
Lenard, Decker H
Levesque, Daniel K
Levesque, Mercedes Lynn
Lewis, Heather J
Libby, Benjamin A
Libby, Tylor R
Litif, Zachary J
Littlefield, Brett L
Littlefield, Shelby E
Lombardo, Stephanie L
Lozier, Celeste M
Lurvey, Kuestin
Lussier, Caleb D
MacDonald, Alayna L
MacDonald, Derek S
MacVicar, Kevin
Mains, Amber L
Manchester, Cory S
Manecchia, Mathias A
Marean, Cody J
Martin, Meaghan L
Martin, Tabitha J
Matta, Kristi L
Maxfield, Andrew J
Mayberry, Kellie A
McGrath, Aisling J
McLaughlin, Cameron C
McPherson, Dayton A
Melanson, Amanda A
Melanson, Kristen M
Meserve, Colby A
Michaud, Christopher S
Mickelson, Khamla M
Micucci, Cortney E
Minton, Jessica M
Montgomery, Ryan R
Moody, Jeffrey E
Moody, Steven L
Morris, Joshua M
Morse, Kayla Lynn
Mowatt, Theodore A
Multer, Jayson A
Murray, Andrew
Murray, Kristin A
Nason, Kayla E
Nelson, Caileigh D
Nelson, Ethen
Noyes, Jordyn E
Page, Bruce K
Parelius, Christopher P
Parks, Laura M
Parmenter, Elizabeth L
Parsons, Stephanie A
Peebles, Mary Margaret
Perry, Christopher M
Perry, Dylan R
Petitti, Heather L
Pettengill, Amber L
Pettengill, Ashley D
Pilz, Michael S E
Plummer, Timothy W
Plummer, Travis J
Poulos, Amy L
Powell, Gabrielle E
Preston, Aaron K
Provencher, Messina M
Ramsdell, James G
Ramsdell, Kevin J
Reaves, Jennifer
Richards, Dianne S
Roberts, Kyle L N
Robinson, Michael K
Roma, Danielle
Ross, Jeremiah K
Roux, Kourtney L
Rowe, Curtis T
Roy, Andrea J
Ruby, Joshua Ryan
Ruginski, Jamie W
Ryan-DeStefano, Ashley B
Sabourin, Kacey Anne
Sabourin, Linsay R
Sampson, Riley E
Sargent, Brittany J
Sawyer, Derica D
Secord, Stephen M
Severance, Alyssa M
Severance, Wade L
Shakley, Jared L
Shaw, David B
Shaw, Louise J
Shuffleburg, Paul A
Silver, Kristina L
Sleeper, Kerilynn M
Smith, Britney L
Smith, Karie A
Snow, Lauren
Spearin, Joshua E
Steiger, Ian T
Stinchfield, Michelle L
Stockwell, Stefanie J
Stringer, Teryan N
Strout, Evan D
Strout, Ian A
Sullivan, Stacy K
Tarbox, Christopher K
Tartaglio, Amanda M
Taylor, Matthew Robert
Terrano, Toni C
Thompson, Anastasia C
Tibbetts, Brent M
Tinker, Colton R
Townsend, Jesika L
Townsend, Samantha
Tripp, Karina L
Tripp, Stephanie A
VanRosendael, Jordan Danae
Vaughn, Christi R
Voisine, Jake G
Waddell, Elizabeth R
Wakefield, Patricia Kerry
Wallace, Lauren S
Waterman, Jake G
Watters, Jenna L
Watters, Stephani
Weeman, Ashley J
Welch, George E
Westberry, Justin R A
Weyer, Madeline E
Weymouth, Tia L
Whitehouse, Brian D
Whitehouse, Kyle W
Wilcox, Travis M
Wiley, Daniel M
Wilson, Erin Elisabeth
Winslow, Nicholas J
Worden, Jamie L
Wright, Jennifer L
Wright, Judith J
Wyman, Danielle M
York, Jeffrey C
Yum, Gregory K